Prime Bank now at your door step to offer one of the easiest ways for your F&F (Family and Friends) to remit and receive money, thereby stay round the clock connected through our simple collection and payment mechanism.

Remittance Collection

Now our customers can remit money from UK to their F&F residing in Bangladesh through any of the following three Simple modes.

Cash Deposit: Cash can be deposited to any of the three branches of PBL Exchange (UK) Limited for remitting money to the ones residing in Bangladesh. Information of Remitter and Beneficiary require to be duly provided prior to avail remittance service.
Account Transfer: Customers can also send remittance by transferring money to our bank account and provide us remittance details by fax, phone or email.
Internet/Online: Listed members of PBL Exchange (UK) Limited may send remittances using internet/mobile.

Remittance Disbursement

Sweep your worries. Your F&F can easily collect your hard earned money from any of the branches of Prime Bank or BURO Bangladesh. Our promise is to deliver you Hassel-free One Stop Service. Your dear ones can collect remittance through any of the following modes.

Instant Cash

Instant cash payment may be received from over 100 Prime Bank branches which are all interconnected through State of Art real time online banking system.

Over the counter cash payment may also be received from 500+ branch network of BURO Bangladesh.

Account Credit

If your beneficiary already has account with Prime Bank, remitted money will be credited instantly to that account. This money can be withdrawn from any branch within the banking hour or anytime from 600+ ATM booths of Prime Bank and Dutch Bangla Bank.

Account maintained with any other banks inside Bangladesh may be credited quickly through TT & Pay Order.