Calculation for Remitted Value

Methods of Remitting Money

Now you can remit money from UK to your family and friends residing in Bangladesh through any of the following methods:

Cash Deposit

You can visit to any of our 3 branches and pay cash over the counter. In that case, you just provide us the information of the remitter and beneficiary by filling in a form.

Account Transfer

The registered members of PBL Exchange (UK) Ltd. can send remittance by transferring money to our Natwest Bank Account of PBL exchange and provide us remittance details by fax, phone or e-mail for availing remittance service.

Methods of Receiving Money

Instant Cash

Over the counter cash payment can be received from more than 146 branches of Prime Bank Limited, Over 456 branches of Pubali bank Limited and over 500 branches of BURO Bangladesh.

Payment can be received from Prime Bank Ltd's own and shared ATMs with other Banks all over Bangladesh.

Account Transfer

(i) Account Credit

Prime Bank Branches are all interconnected through real time online banking system. Therefore, the remitted money will be credited instantly to the beneficiary's account through electronic fund transfer system.

(ii) Transfer to Any Bank Account

Account maintained with any other banks in the Bangladesh can be credited quickly through BEFTN

Using Natwest Network for Prime Bank


Using the Counter of PBL Exchange



Remittable Amount in GBP (£)  
Commission in GBP (£)  
Through Branches other than PBL exchange  
Cash Charges in (£)  
Total in (£) to pay  
Total Remitted Taka ()  

**Amount (GBP, £) For above £2000, Charge@ 1% for each HUNDRED shall be charged

Why PBL Exchange (UK) Ltd.?

PBL Exchange (UK) Ltd. offers you the various benefits to remit your money-

It offers to remit your money safely

Competitive Exchange Rate

Receive the remittance quickly with free SMS alert

Investment of your earned money in a secured and profitable way

Current Exchange Rates (Indicative)

[The exchange rate is indicative only & subject to change]

Updated Date British Pound (£) Bangladeshi Taka
2020-10-16 1 110

Account Facilities to NRBs

NRBs of UK can open the following accounts in Prime Bank

Foreign Currency Account

Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account

Non-Resident Taka Account: Through this account NRB's can enjoy the benefits to open any deposit schemes of Prime Bank Limited as well as FDR to ensure a secured future

Non-Resident Investor's Taka Account